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  • Can I bring a cooler?
    Yes! You may bring a small cooler for your beverages and food. There is also a refrigerator for any sandwiches, subs, etc.
  • How many anglers per trip?
    We have a 1 angler minimum and a 6 angler maximum per trip. The maximum amount is based on state licensing and cannot be increased.
  • Will I get seasick?
    We recommend taking Dramamine at least 1 hour prior to departure, if not the night before your trip and to limit your alcohol consumption the night before the trip, as a precaution.
  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages?
    Yes of course, but everything in moderation please. Overindulging will NOT make the trip more enjoyable and makes for a very long day!
  • How do you take payment?
    We accept payment and Credit / Bank Card payment through Fare Harbor Services prior to departure. A 6% fee will be charged for credit card transactions.
  • Do I tip the Mate?
    Yes! Our Mate works hard to make sure you have the best fishing experience possible and works for tips! Mate tips are customarily 20% and cash only.
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